Erleuchtung garantiert 1999

Doris Dörrie

Two very different brothers get together for a temporary stay in a Japanese zen monastry. The trip from Germany to Japan brings up some unexpected quests they have to manage. Soon both ...

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Uwe Ochsenknecht Uwe
  • Gustav-Peter Wöhler Gustav
  • Petra Zieser Petra
  • Ulrike Kriener Ulrike
  • Anica Dobra Anica
  • Heiner Lauterbach Heiner
  • Franz X. Gernstl Ehepaar
  • Gisela Gernstl Ehepaar
  • Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht Jimmy (as Jimmy Ochsenknecht)
  • Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht Wilson
  • Leopold Zieser Leopold
  • Emilia Zieser Emilia
  • Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss Ulrikes Liebhaber
  • Imaseki Sumo-Ringer
  • Enrico Boetcher (uncredited)
  • Karl Neubert (uncredited)
  • Anthony Lew Shun Anthony (uncredited)


  • Ruth Stadler
  • Doris Dörrie


  • Louis Saul
  • Karl Neubert
  • Franz X. Gernstl