Everything Put Together 2000

Marc Forster

The story of a Californian couple expecting a child and their group of friends confronted with the tragedy of a big loss.

Runtime: 1 hour and 27 minutes




  • Radha Mitchell Angie
  • Megan Mullally Barbie
  • Catherine Lloyd Burns Judith
  • Jacqueline Heinze Jean
  • Courtney Watkins H2O Instructor
  • Matt Malloy Dr. Reiner
  • Mark Boone Junior Bill
  • Blake Rossi Michael
  • Louis Ferreira Russ (as Justin Louis)
  • Michele Hicks April
  • Alan Ruck Kessel
  • St├ęphanie Schneider Party Videographer (as Stephanie Schneider)
  • Vince Vieluf Jim
  • John P. Hunter Hearse Driver
  • Kevin Ratliffe Simon
  • Arly Jover Nurse Edna
  • Pamela Gordon Nurse A
  • Octavia Spencer Nurse B (as Octavia L. Spencer)
  • Jennie Vaughn Cashier
  • Jonathan Slavin Photo Clerk
  • Thomas Prisco Doctor A
  • Martha Mendoza Marie
  • Tom McCleister Dr. Miller
  • Garvin Funches Orderly
  • Pamela Munro Loni (as Pam Monroe)
  • Scott Vance Priest
  • Henry King Barbie's Twin
  • Oliver King Barbie's Twin
  • Amy Carlson Jane
  • Dakota Leopardi Justin
  • Rob Swanson Man in Park
  • Roland LaGarde Mailman (as Roland Lagarde)
  • Shelly Desai Storage Man
  • Paul Hayes Dr. Spiegel
  • Judy Geeson Angie's Mother


  • Marc Forster
  • Catherine Lloyd Burns
  • Adam Forgash


  • Jill Silverthorne
  • Radha Mitchell
  • Sean Furst
  • Adam Forgash