Hei mao 1991

Stephen Shin

Catherine is a violent and disturbed young lady who is shot down by the government in one of her escapades. She wakes up in a training facility and is taught to use weapons, combat, and is ...

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Jade Leung Erica Leung / Catherine
  • Simon Yam Brian
  • Thomas Lam Thomas
  • Curtis Fraser Prison Guard
  • Denise Stauffer Prison Guard
  • Jordy Shane Disguised old woman
  • Audrey Rene Bride
  • Mary Rawbins Hostess
  • Randi Lynne Prison Guard
  • Glen Morrison Gun Instructor
  • Kiara Hunter CIA Agent (as Cara Leigh Hunter)
  • Jamie Estio Groom
  • Yvonne Drinovz Prison Guard
  • Dickie Motherwell Language Instructor
  • Chan Korlikian Mysterious Killer
  • Zdenek Juricek Truck Driver
  • Scott Higgins CIA Agent
  • Daniel Berman Prison Guard
  • David Fredericks Truck Stop Owner
  • Jack Lotzkan Body Guard
  • Wayne Crowe Mysterious Killer
  • Lauro Chartrand Karate Instructor
  • Ted Bradaric Policeman
  • Thomas Plotter Policeman
  • Ross Wilson Prison Guard
  • David Vega Prison Guard
  • Winston Taylor CIA Trainee
  • Rogerto Steele Body Guard
  • Pete Smeader Prison Guard
  • Joe Schober Munro Bestmen
  • Reid W. Hamilton Body Guard
  • Lee Sollenberger Gang leader (uncredited)


  • Wai-Lun Lam
  • Tan-Ping Lam
  • Bo Shun Chan


  • Shan Tam
  • Stephen Shin
  • Dickson Poon
  • Michael Parker