It! The Terror from Beyond Space 1958

Edward L. Cahn

The first manned expedition to Mars is decimated by an unknown life form...which stows away on the rescue ship.

Runtime: 1 hour and 9 minutes




  • Pierre Watkin Spokesman at Press Conference (uncredited)
  • Bert Stevens Reporter (uncredited)
  • Ray Corrigan It
  • Thom Carney Joe Kienholz
  • Richard Hervey Gino Finelli
  • Richard Benedict Bob Finelli
  • Robert Bice Maj. John Purdue
  • Paul Langton Lt. James Calder
  • Dabbs Greer Eric Royce
  • Ann Doran Mary Royce
  • Kim Spalding Col. Van Heusen
  • Shirley Patterson Ann Anderson (as Shawn Smith)
  • Marshall Thompson Col. Edward Carruthers


  • Jerome Bixby


  • Robert E. Kent
  • Edward Small