Race with the Devil 1975

Jack Starrett

Frank and Roger and their wives take off for Colorado in a recreational vehicle, looking forward to some skiing and dirt biking...

Runtime: 1 hour and 28 minutes




  • Tommy Splittgerber Shop Foreman (uncredited)
  • Joyce King Librarian (uncredited)
  • Wes Bishop Deputy Dave
  • Jack Starrett Gas Station Attendant
  • Arkey Blue Arkey Blue
  • Karen Miller Kay
  • James N. Harrell Gun Shop Owner
  • Paul A. Partain Cal Mathers
  • Ricci Ware Ricci Ware
  • Phil Hoover Mechanic
  • Carol Blodgett Ethel Henderson
  • Clay Tanner Delbert
  • R.G. Armstrong Sheriff Taylor
  • Lara Parker Kelly Marsh
  • Loretta Swit Alice Stewart
  • Warren Oates Frank Stewart
  • Peter Fonda Roger Marsh


  • Wes Bishop
  • Lee Frost


  • Wes Bishop
  • Paul Maslansky