The City of the Dead 1960

John Llewellyn Moxey

Runtime: 1 hour and 18 minutes




  • Anthony Lang Coven Member (uncredited)
  • Nickolas Grace Minor Role (uncredited)
  • Ted Carroll Coven Member (uncredited)
  • Andy Alston Villager Lighting Pyre (uncredited)
  • William Abney Policeman
  • Maxine Holden Sue
  • James Dyrenforth Garage Attendant (as Jimmy Dyrenforth)
  • Fred Johnson The Elder
  • Norman MacOwan Reverend Russell (as Norman Macowan)
  • Ann Beach Lottie
  • Valentine Dyall Jethrow Keane
  • Venetia Stevenson Nan Barlow
  • Betta St. John Patricia Russell
  • Tom Naylor Bill Maitland
  • Patricia Jessel Elizabeth Selwyn / Mrs. Newless
  • Christopher Lee Alan Driscoll
  • Dennis Lotis Richard Barlow


  • George Baxt
  • Milton Subotsky


  • Seymour S. Dorner
  • Milton Subotsky
  • Donald Taylor
  • Max Rosenberg