There Goes the Neighborhood 1992

Bill Phillips

Willis Embry, who is a psychologist in a jail, was left by his girl-friend. He has no time to be sad about it because an old man, who is very ill, tells him something about a robbery and ...

Runtime: 1 hour and 28 minutes




  • Jeff Daniels Willis Embry
  • Catherine O'Hara Jessie Lodge
  • Hector Elizondo Norman Rutledge
  • Rhea Perlman Lydia Nunn
  • Judith Ivey Peedi Rutledge
  • Harris Yulin Marvin Boyd
  • Jonathan Banks Handsome Harry
  • Dabney Coleman Jeffrey Babitt
  • Chazz Palminteri Lyle Corrente
  • Heidi Zeigler Swan Babitt
  • Richard Portnow Marty Rollins
  • Jeremy Piven Albert Lodge
  • William Morgan Sheppard Trick Bissell
  • Herb Mitchell Mr. Bratesman
  • Mary Gross Mrs. Bratesman
  • Robin Duke The Colangelos
  • Tessa Phillips The Colangelos
  • Arthur Ball The Colangelos
  • John Nugent The Colangelos
  • Kelli Konop Neighbor
  • Ed Quinlan Police Chief
  • Jerry Bossard Cop at Station
  • Alan Gelfant Marksman
  • Christopher Michael Cherry Hill Cop
  • Kristopher Kent Hill 1st Ten-Year-Old
  • Bo Sharon 2nd Ten-Year-Old
  • Paige Gosney Ten-Year-Old with Glasses
  • Heidi Schulman Newscaster
  • Leigh C. Kim Mr. Kim
  • Chi-en Telemaque Mrs. Kim
  • Leonard Kelly-Young 1st Burglar (Driver)
  • Lee Arenberg 2nd Burglar
  • Jane Marla Robbins 1st Neighbor
  • Arva Holt 2nd Neighbor
  • John De Bello Detective
  • Ritch Shydner Gate Guard
  • Ron Taylor Bubble Man
  • Rick Prieto Manuel
  • J.R. Starr Reggie
  • Michael Smith Inmate


  • Bill Phillips


  • Jeffrey Sudzin
  • Stephen J. Friedman
  • Mort Engelberg