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What is Sceneami?
Sceneami is your online movie and tv-show library, shared with all your friends. Think of it as a way of keeping in touch with what your friends are enjoying on television or at the movies, and allowing them to do the same with your viewing experiences.

(The name Sceneami is not just a hip web 2.0-sounding name, but really a concatenation of the words scene and tsunami, as to describe the vast collection of movie scenes that together create the foundation of the site. The word Sceneami has its origins on an plane journey between Oslo and Boston, when it was scribbled on a piece of paper by the creator's girlfriend, after he himself had long since given up trying to come up a name that didn't result in having to buy domain names from obscure countries)

Titles (Movies & TV-Shows)

I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of movies and tv-shows. It would take forever to add them all to Sceneami.
Hey, you are young, time is on your side! But on a serious note; far from all users add their entire viewing history the second they join, but do this over time as they browse the site and stumble upon a title they have not added yet. It takes no time to rate a title once you are on its page. You could also just add titles you've seen since you joined this site.
What is a "Scene"?
The word "Scene" is simply refers to your collection, i.e. everything you have chosen to add to Sceneami. Additionally, when it comes to the recent comments shown on the front page (under the heading "Recent Comments In Your Scene"), it also includes every title you have commented on.
Once logged in, how do I add a title to my Scene?
You can add a title to your collection simply by rating it, and you can rate a movie in a number of ways:
  • From the search. Search for a movie, then drag the cover to one of the gray boxes to rate it.
  • From the front page. When you see a title with a down-arrow next to it, click it to expand the rating container.
  • From the dedicated page for a movie/show. There are large rating icons on the left hand side.
  • From a user profile. Every movie/show title will have an arrow pointing down near its title. Click it to rate.
How do I add a title that I wish to watch in the future?
It's handy to make a wishlist; if you're ever in doubt on what to see next you can always refer to it. Wishlisting a movie is pretty much the same procedure as rating it (see above methods). However, when you are on the title search page, you can bring up the extra options (such as wishlisting) but clicking on the cover, rather than drag-dropping it.
How do I see what titles I have added/wishlisted?
On your profile (click "Me" in the menu) there is a tab that shows all the titles you have rated and wishlisted. There are also statistics on everything you have watched.
Could I see some statistics on the titles I have added?
You sure can. On the statistics tab on your profile, or any user profile, you can currently see the following information (in both figures and percentages):
  • The ratings given to titles
  • The decade of release on the titles I have added
  • The year of release of the titles
  • The title genres
  • The titles languages

More statistics will be added in the near forseeable future. You need to have Flash Player 9 installed to see the statistics tab.

My favourite movie has no cover! It's blasphemy!
Fret not; you can easily upload covers to titles without covers, or add some new covers to titles that already have one. Click your way to the page of the title in question and click the "Add/rate covers" tab. Here you can upload a cover from your drive or from the internet(s). If a cover already exists for a title, the one with the highest rating becomes the current cover.

User Settings

How do I add a new avatar?
If you don't like having a bag on your head (read: the default avatar), you can always add your own personal touch by clicking the arrow next to "Me" and selecting "Edit avatar". Here you can upload an image from your drive or the internet. Your image will be scaled down to the correct sizes. All you need to make is that you keep the original file below 500K and in GIF, JPEG or PNG format.
How do I change my profile information (full name, gender, location, etc.)
Share a part of yourself with the world by going to "Settings" / "Edit profile". Whoever fills out this information automatically becomes cool. And that's a true story.
Why do you ask for my location?
We have this fun little widget on every title's page which plots the positions of the viewers of that movie on a map. The location you supply will be used to place your avatar on the map. Anything goes, you can even put "Hell" (but bear in mind that Hell is a little town in the UK).
Why do you ask for my full name?
The only way we use your full name is by making it searchable. This allows your friends to find you when they have just signed up. It is not displayed anywhere, not even in the search results.


Why should I add friends?
These are some of the things you can do once you have friends added:
  • Be notified on any new titles they have watched, as well as their rating on it.
  • Be notified whenever they add a new comment on a title.
  • Get movie recommendations based on your taste and the taste of your friends
  • Finetune which friends have most affect on your recommendations (i.e. which friend you trust the most)
  • See how compatible your tastes are and see a list of titles you have in common (and how much your rating differs)

And more! Friends are essence of Sceneami.

How do I add friends?
There are two ways of adding friends.
  • From any user profile (you can search for users here: "Users"). There is a link called "Request friendship" (unless they are already your friend) on the left hand side. Here you can add a quick note, to perhaps identify yourself if you already know this person in real life, and send the user a request for frienship.
  • By inviting someone. The second they join, you will become friends.
How do I invite friends?
Every Sceneami users has their own unique invite URL (which you can find at "Friends" / "Invite"). Anyone who registers using this link will automatically become your friend! In the future, it will also be possible to customize and change this URL.
How do I remove friends?
It's simple: go to "Friends" / "Edit" and remove friends from there. This operation is completely reversible; the second you decide to make that person your friend again, you can do so without sending another friend request. Just go to their profile and re-add them to your list of friends.

Recommendations & Compatibility

How does Sceneami calculate taste compatibility?
When you click on a user, you can see how close Sceneami considers your tastes (on the left hand side). This information is used for a number of things, including the generation of title recommendations. The way this works is the following: for every title you have in common, it checks to see how close your ratings are. The closer the ratings, the higher the score (and the more the ratings differ, the lower the score). The accumulated score is what you are presented.
How do I improve the recommendations Sceneami is giving me? It keeps recommending "Disaster Movie 3".
There are two ways to get Sceneami to give you better recommendations. The first way is simply to add more titles! The more titles you add, the more foundation Sceneami has to make good recommendations.

The second way is to tell Sceneami which friends you trust most (you can do so here (""Scene" / "Finetune Recommendations").

You see, Sceneami tries to find titles added by people whose taste is similar to yours (see "How does Sceneami calculate taste compatibility") and recommends the titles these people love in common.

However, in the case of your friends, you can override Sceneami's "taste-meter" by telling us exactly how close you think your tastes are. Instead of using the calculated compability, it will use your estimate. The result: much better recommendations!

Outside Sceneami

Can I subscribe to a users Scene via RSS?
You sure can. Every user has thier own RSS feed. Direct your aggregator to the following URL to add keep an eye on their scene without having to log onto Sceneami every time.

You don't need to add a feed per user if you want to follow every one of your friends. Instead, you can use this URL: username/friends

Is there a Facebook application? What does it do?
There sure is, please click here. By adding this application, you will get a badge on your profile that shows the world what titles you have recently added (in a beautiful coverflow style), as well as a page that shows which titles your Facebook friends (not just the ones you have added on Sceneami) have recently added.

Should you have any other questions, please direct them to us using our contact page. We'll be happy to hear from you!