3:10 to Yuma 2007

James Mangold

A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who's awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to psych out the rancher.

Runtime: 2 hours and 2 minutes




  • Art Usher Contention Gunman (uncredited)
  • J. Nathan Simmons Town Drunk (uncredited)
  • Billy Lockwood Gunman (uncredited)
  • Brent Lambert Merchant (uncredited)
  • Melinda Kramer Bisbee Townsperson (uncredited)
  • KC King Contention Gunman (uncredited)
  • Darren Gibson Gunman (uncredited)
  • Hugh Elliot Gunman (uncredited)
  • Harp Corrigan Bisbee Townsman (uncredited)
  • Trevor Coppola William Marsh (uncredited)
  • Brian Brown Bad Guy #1 (uncredited)
  • Russell Crowe Ben Wade
  • Christian Bale Dan Evans
  • Logan Lerman William Evans
  • Dallas Roberts Grayson Butterfield
  • Ben Foster Charlie Prince
  • Peter Fonda Byron McElroy
  • Vinessa Shaw Emma Nelson
  • Alan Tudyk Doc Potter
  • Luce Rains Marshal Weathers
  • Gretchen Mol Alice Evans
  • Lennie Loftin Glen Hollander
  • Rio Alexander Campos
  • Johnny Whitworth Darden
  • Shawn Howell Jackson (as Shawn D. Howell)
  • Pat Ricotti Jorgensen
  • Ramon Frank Kinter
  • Deryle J. Lujan Nez (as Deryle Lujan)
  • James 'Scotty' Augare Nez (as James Augure)
  • Brian Duffy Sutherland
  • Jason Rodriguez Tighe
  • Kevin Durand Tucker
  • Chris Browning Crawley
  • Chad Brummett Kane
  • Forrest Fyre Walter Boles
  • Luke Wilson Zeke
  • Benjamin Petry Mark Evans (as Ben Petry)
  • Arron Shiver Bill Moons
  • Sean Hennigan Marshal Will Doane
  • Girard Swan Deputy Harvey Pell
  • Christopher Berry Deputy Sam Fuller
  • David Oliver Evil Bartender
  • Jason Henning Train Clerk
  • Barbara Bartleson Contention Woman (uncredited)
  • James Blackburn Gunfighter (uncredited)


  • Elmore Leonard
  • Derek Haas
  • Michael Brandt
  • Halsted Welles


  • Lynwood Spinks
  • Cathy Konrad
  • Ryan Kavanaugh
  • Aaron Downing
  • Dixie J. Capp
  • Stuart M. Besser