Bubba the Redneck Werewolf 2014

Brendan Jackson Rogers

Cracker County is under attack and lovesick dog catcher Bubba Blanche has been transformed into a ferocious, cigar smoking Werewolf just in time to save the day! But first he's got to conquer a beer or two. And maybe a plate of chicken wings. 'Bubba the Redneck Werewolf' is based on Mitch Hyman's long running comic book series of the same name. Written by And You Films

Runtime: 1 hour and 20 minutes




  • Phil Todd Biker #1
  • Jenny Todd Mrs. Bushbaumer
  • Ellen Smittle Showgirl
  • David Santiago Dangerous Dwight
  • Angela Reddy Mom on Phone
  • Andrew Ramos Workman
  • R.J. Rackley Testicle Man
  • Lisa Rackley Cursed Bar Patron
  • Karen Poulsen Debbie Reynolds
  • Will Phillips The Butcher
  • Jennifer Okerlund Bar Patron
  • Meg Murrderher The Nun
  • Max Morgan Mr. Bushbaumer
  • Ken McCoy Man on Bench
  • Karyna Martinez Bar Patron
  • Kyle Lough College Stoner
  • Mercedes Lass College Stoner
  • Keegan Lass Bar Patron
  • Laura J. King College Stoner
  • Anthony J. James Bar Patron
  • Brendan Jackson Rogers Cousin Clovis
  • Corley Groves Showgirl
  • Andy Gion Cursed Clown
  • Nicholas Gear Skateboarder
  • Erin Foster Love Girl
  • Caitlyn Foster College Stoner
  • Gunni Ferraioli Bushbaumer Boy
  • Minas Fakrajian Redneck Monty
  • Bill Dabney Bar Patron
  • Jenny Coyle Stripper #1
  • Mark Chandler Biker #2
  • Teresa Carter Nostrovia
  • Dan Bedell Biker Bob
  • Payton Atkinson Bushbaumer Girl
  • Timothy Akers The Bat Man
  • Gail Fleming Gypsy Fortuneteller
  • Chris Stephens Bubba (Human)
  • Sara Humbert Jamie Sue
  • Gary Norris Drunk Cletus
  • Mitch Hyman The Devil
  • Malone Thomas Bobbie Jo
  • Fred Lass Bubba (Wolf)


  • Stephen Biro
  • Mitch Hyman


  • Michael Davy
  • Caitlyn Foster
  • Mitch Hyman
  • Brendan Jackson Rogers
  • Will Phillips