Damnation Alley 1977

Jack Smight

In an post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors travel and find other settlements in huge custom designed all terrain vehicles.

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Jan-Michael Vincent Tanner
  • George Peppard Maj. Eugene Denton
  • Dominique Sanda Janice
  • Paul Winfield Keegan
  • Jackie Earle Haley Billy
  • Kip Niven Lt. Tom Perry
  • Robert Donner Man / Guard
  • Seamon Glass Mountain Man #2
  • Trent Dolan Technician
  • Mark L. Taylor Haskins
  • Bob Hackman Colonel
  • Erik Cord Burning Man
  • Terence Locke Air Policeman (as Terrence Locke)
  • Marcia Holley Gloria
  • Roger Creed Mountain Man (uncredited)
  • Murray Hamilton Gen. Landers (uncredited)
  • James R. Parkes Mountain Man (uncredited)


  • Lukas Heller
  • Alan Sharp
  • Roger Zelazny


  • Jerome M. Zeitman
  • Bobby Roberts
  • Paul Maslansky
  • Hal Landers
  • Maury M. Cohen