Dial M for Murder 1954

Alfred Hitchcock

An ex-tennis pro carries out a plot to murder his wife. When things go wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan B.

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Thayer Roberts Detective (uncredited)
  • Ben Pollock Banquet Member (uncredited)
  • Forbes Murray Judge at Margot's Trial (uncredited)
  • Martin Milner Policeman Outside Wendice Flat (uncredited)
  • Harold Miller Men's Club Party Member (uncredited)
  • Alfred Hitchcock Man at Tony's Table at the Dinner in Photograph (uncredited)
  • Sam Harris Man in Phone Booth (uncredited)
  • Michael Hadlow Undetermined Role (uncredited)
  • Robert Garvin Banquet Member (uncredited)
  • Ray Milland Tony Wendice
  • Grace Kelly Margot Mary Wendice
  • Robert Cummings Mark Halliday
  • John Williams Chief Inspector Hubbard
  • Anthony Dawson Captain Lesgate (Swann)
  • Leo Britt The Storyteller
  • Patrick Allen Detective Pearson
  • George Leigh Detective Williams
  • George Alderson First Detective
  • Robin Hughes Police Sergeant O'Brien
  • Richard Bender Banquet Member (uncredited)
  • Sanders Clark Detective (uncredited)
  • Jack Cunningham Bobby (uncredited)
  • Robert Dobson Police Photographer (uncredited)
  • Guy Doleman Detective (uncredited)
  • Bess Flowers Woman Departing Ship (uncredited)


  • Frederick Knott
  • Frederick Knott


  • Alfred Hitchcock