Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2005

Alex Gibney

A documentary about the Enron corporation, its faulty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its fall.

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Charles Wickman Himself
  • Colin Whitehead Himself
  • Andrew Weissman Himself
  • Henry Waxman Himself
  • Sherron Watkins Herself - Ex-Vice President, Enron Corp; Enron Whistleblower; Co-Author, 'Power Failure'
  • Robert Traband Himself
  • Mimi Swartz Herself - Executive Editor, Texas Monthly Magazine
  • Jeff Skilling Himself (archive footage)
  • Maria Shriver Herself (archive footage)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Himself (archive footage)
  • Mark Salzberg Croupiers
  • Marla Ruzicka Herself (archive footage)
  • Harvey Rosenfield Himself - Consumer Advocate
  • Ronald Reagan Himself (archive footage)
  • Nancy Rapoport Herself - Dean, University of Houston Law Center
  • David V. Porter Himself
  • Kevin Phillips Himself
  • Lou L. Pai Himself (archive footage)
  • John Olson Himself - Stock Analyst, Sanders Morris Heart
  • James Nutter Himself - Palmer Memorial Church (as Reverend James Nutter)
  • Mike Muckleroy Himself - Former Enron Executive
  • Bethany McLean Herself - Fortune Reporter; Co-Author, 'The Smartest Guys in the Room'
  • Amanda Martin-Brock Herself - Former Enron Executive
  • Loretta Lynch Herself - California Public Utilities Comissioner
  • Michael Lugenbuehl Cliff Baxter
  • Joe Lingold Energy Trader
  • Bill Lerach Himself - Former Attorney
  • Jay Leno Himself (archive footage)
  • Kenneth Lay Himself (archive footage)
  • Al Kaseweter Himself
  • Philip Hilder Himself
  • David Freeman Himself - Former Advisor to Governor Davis
  • Andrew Fastow Himself (archive footage)
  • Peter Elkind Himself - Co-Author, 'The Smartest Guys in the Room'
  • Max Eberts Himself - Former Spokesman, Enron Energy Services
  • Joseph Dunn Himself - California State Senator
  • Reggie Dees II Himself - Young man the stripper dances in front of (as Reggie Deets II)
  • Gray Davis Himself - Former Governor of California
  • Peter Coyote Narrator
  • Carol Coale Herself - Ex-Stock Analyst, Prudential Securities
  • Bill Clinton Himself (archive footage)
  • Dick Cheney Himself
  • Jim Chanos Himself - President, Kynikos Associates
  • George W. Bush Himself (archive footage)
  • Barbara Boxer Herself (archive footage)
  • John Beard Himself - Former Enron Accountant
  • Tim Belden Himself (archive footage)


  • Bethany McLean
  • Alex Gibney
  • Peter Elkind


  • Todd Wagner
  • Joana Vicente
  • Christine O'Malley
  • Susan Motamed
  • Kate McMahon
  • Jason Kliot
  • Alex Gibney
  • Alison Ellwood
  • Mark Cuban
  • Jennie Amias