Experiment in Terror 1962

Blake Edwards

When the bank clerk Kelly Sherwood arrives home after hours, she is intimidated by a stranger that knows her routine habit. He threatens Kelly and her sister Toby to force her to heist $100,000 from her bank; otherwise he will kill her. Kelly does not see his face but notes he is asthmatic. Kelly succeeds to lure the criminal and contacts the FBI agent John 'Rip' Ripley that advises Kelly how to behave and assigns a group of agents to keep Kelly and Toby under surveillance. But when Toby is abducted by the stranger, Kelly tries to stay calm to help the FBI to catch the criminal. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Runtime: 2 hours and 3 minutes




  • Beal Wong Pastor
  • Russ Whiteman TV Director
  • Ken Wales FBI Agent
  • David Tomack FBI Agent
  • Audrey Swanson Nurse
  • Bert Stevens Bank Guard
  • William Sharon Raymond Burkhardt - Bank Manager
  • Vin Scully Vin Scully - Dodgers Game Announcer
  • John Roseboro John Roseboro - Dodger Catcher
  • William Remick The Coroner
  • Mary Ellen Popel FBI Office Secretary
  • Gil Perkins Taxi Driver
  • Peggy Patten Housekeeper
  • Sherry O'Neil Edna
  • Richard Norris FBI Agent
  • Karen Norris Saleswoman
  • Bill Neff FBI Agent
  • Judee Morton Louella Hendricks
  • George Moorman Radio Man
  • Wally Moon Wally Moon - Dodger batter
  • Sidney Miller The Drunk
  • Fay McKenzie Hospital Superintendent
  • Kelly McCormick FBI Agent
  • Edward Mallory Dick - Kelly's Boyfriend
  • Mari Lynn Penny - Bank Teller
  • Clarence Lung Attorney Yung
  • Tommy Lee Chinese Waiter
  • Ray Kellogg Man at Ballpark
  • Helen Jay Waitress at The Hangout
  • Kenny Jackson FBI Agent
  • Warren Hsieh Joey Soong
  • Claire Griswold Peggy
  • Harold Goodwin Truck Driver
  • Mike Foran Danny
  • Harvey Evans Dave - Toby's Boyfriend
  • Don Drysdale Don Drysdale - Dodger Pitcher
  • Frederic Downs Welk
  • George DeNormand Bank Guard
  • Bob Dempsey Helicopter Pilot
  • Barbara Collentine Janie - FBI Switchboard Operator
  • Robert Coffey Stadium Announcer
  • Fred Coby FBI Agent
  • Mario Cimino Cook at The Hangout
  • Bob Carraher Police Lieutenant
  • James T. Callahan FBI Agent
  • Joanne Bahris Tourist at Fishermans Wharf
  • Ross Martin Garland Humphrey 'Red' Lynch
  • James Lanphier Landlord
  • Dick Crockett FBI Agent #1
  • William Bryant Chuck
  • Al Avalon Man Who Picks Up Kelly
  • Clifton James Capt. Moreno
  • Gilbert Green Special Agent
  • Patricia Huston Nancy Ashton
  • Anita Loo Lisa Soong
  • Ned Glass Popcorn
  • Roy Poole Brad
  • Stefanie Powers Toby Sherwood
  • Lee Remick Kelly Sherwood
  • Glenn Ford John 'Rip' Ripley


  • Gordon Gordon
  • Mildred Gordon
  • Gordon Gordon
  • Mildred Gordon


  • Blake Edwards
  • Don Peters