Fateful Findings 2013

Neil Breen

A computer scientist/novelist reunites with his childhood friend and hacks into government databases, while facing the dire and fateful consequences of his mystical actions obtained as a child.

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Jeremy Harrington Rodney Juanson
  • George Ehret Stan Lee
  • Dasey Cameron Crowd
  • Tim Duclos Crowd
  • Morgan Villanueva Crowd
  • Greg Hobbs Crowd
  • Steve Silverstein Young Leah's Father
  • Monique Batoni Young Leah's Mother
  • Jesse Mendez Tim
  • Mark Bettencort Kidnapper
  • Brianna Borden Young Leah
  • Jack Batoni Young Dylan
  • Jaime Reborn Insurance President
  • Ryan Collis Wall Street broker
  • JR Thompson Congresswoman
  • David Miranda Senator
  • Richard Hunsacker Bank President
  • Steven Nelson Corporate CEO
  • David Scott Dr. Rosen
  • Danielle Andrade Aly
  • Gloria Hoffman Dr. Andra
  • John Henry Hoffman Dr. Lee
  • David Silva Jim
  • Victoria Viveiros Amy
  • Jennifer Autry Leah
  • Klara Landrat Emily
  • Neil Breen Dylan


  • Neil Breen


  • Neil Breen