Gang Wars 1976

Barry Rosen

A no-nonsense African-American cop, Warhawk Tanzania, who also happens to be a martial arts master, tries to put an end to a brutal gang war that's raging in the streets of New York. Eventually, he also discovers that they aren't his only problem, since an actual demon has been accidentally released by a maintenance worker and is now attacking and killing people in the subway tunnels. Written by Ørnås

Runtime: 1 hour and 22 minutes




  • Fred Berner Businessman Knocked Down by Gang Members
  • Ron Becks Martial Arts Student
  • Domonic Paris
  • Sylvia Mann Bag lady
  • Jane Landis
  • Thomas Doran Monster
  • Stefan Czapsky
  • Jack Yates The Demon
  • Joe Anglin Karate Twin
  • Tom Chapogas Rapist
  • Sherry Steiner Girl in Subway
  • Carole Hawkins Bar Girl
  • Tamu Tanzania Bar Girl
  • Sarah Nyrick Bag Lady
  • CeOtis Robinson Subway Worker
  • David E. Durston American Businessman
  • Putney Fighter #1
  • Vincent Allman Bartender
  • Matt Forbes Reporter
  • Mystic Sabmono Police Officer
  • E. Lawford Cole Police Officer
  • Yoshi Takishita Red Dragons Gangleader
  • Eddie Dong Red Dragon
  • Stephen Leung Red Dragon
  • Alphonso Galvez Red Dragon
  • Teddy Wilson Black Spade
  • Lamarr Thornton Black Spade
  • Bradford Gonzales Black Spade
  • Roscoe Richardson Black Spade
  • Aki Aleong Chinese Businessman
  • Cedric McClester Shag
  • Duncan Leung Monster
  • John Chin Gang Member #2 / Red Dragon
  • Charles Pong Gang Member #1 / Red Dragon
  • Thomas D. Anglin Tom
  • Thomas Lee Priest
  • Masaki Oishi Priest
  • Clint Chin Priest
  • Nobu Iwasawa Priest
  • Guy King Priest / Dopedealer
  • Yoshiteru Otani Warrior
  • Tsikagi Tanzania
  • Moses Lyllia
  • Brother Theodore
  • Stephen DeFazio Sam
  • Wilfredo Roldan Rodan
  • Larry Fleischman Cris
  • Warhawk Tanzania Luke
  • Elsie Roman


  • Barry Rosen
  • Niki Patton
  • Pascual Vaquer
  • CeOtis Robinson
  • Bobbi Sapperstein


  • Steve Madoff
  • Niki Patton
  • Franz Schneider Jr.