Good Morning, Vietnam 1987

Barry Levinson

An unorthodox and irreverent DJ begins to shake up things when he is assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam.

Runtime: 2 hours and 1 minute




  • Robin Williams Adrian Cronauer
  • Forest Whitaker Edward Garlick
  • Tung Thanh Tran Tuan
  • Chintara Sukapatana Trinh
  • Bruno Kirby Lt. Steven Hauk
  • Robert Wuhl Marty Lee Dreiwitz
  • J.T. Walsh Sgt. Major Dickerson
  • Noble Willingham Gen. Taylor
  • Richard Edson Pvt. Abersold
  • Juney Smith Phil McPherson
  • Richard Portnow Dan 'The Man' Levitan
  • Floyd Vivino Eddie Kirk
  • Cu Ba Nguyen Jimmy Wah
  • Dan Stanton Censor #1 (as Dan R. Stanton)
  • Don Stanton Censor #2 (as Don E. Stanton)
  • Danny Aiello III MP #1
  • James McIntire Sergeant #1 at Jimmy Wah's
  • Peter Mackenzie Sergeant #2 at Jimmy Wah's
  • No Tran Vietnamese Student
  • Hoa Nguyen Vietnamese Student
  • Uikey Kuay Vietnamese Student
  • Suvit Abakaz Vietnamese Student
  • Panas Wiwatpanachat Vietnamese Student
  • Lerdcharn Namkiri Vietnamese Student
  • Hanh Thi Nguyen Vietnamese Student
  • Tuan Lai Vietnamese Student
  • Boonchai Jakraworawut Vietnamese Student
  • Joe B. Veokeki Vietnamese Student
  • Wichien Chaopramong Vietnamese Student
  • Kien Chufak Vietnamese Student
  • Prasert Tangpantarat Vietnamese Student
  • Tim O'Hare Convoy Soldier
  • John Goyer Convoy Soldier
  • Louis Hood Convoy Soldier
  • Christopher Mangan Convoy Soldier
  • Kenneth Pitochelli Convoy Soldier
  • Jonathan MacLeod Convoy Soldier (as Jonathan Mac Leod)
  • Gregg T. Knight Convoy Soldier
  • Ralph Tabakin Chaplain Noel
  • Sangad Sangkao Viet Cong Leader in Jungle
  • Vanlap Sangko Viet Cong Leader in Jungle
  • Mark Johnson Mr. Sloan (uncredited)
  • John Marshall Jones MP #2 (uncredited)
  • Richard Nixon Himself (archive sound) (uncredited)


  • Mitch Markowitz


  • Ben Moses
  • Mark Johnson
  • Larry Brezner
  • Harry Benn