I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker 2016

Clayton Cogswell

The day that Jonathan Harker slayed Count Dracula was a more important event than most people realize. For it was not just the death of the count, it was the destruction of 'The Master's Power.' Without a master, the entire race lost its ability to turn humans into vampires. For generations, the Harker family has guarded the Master's Skull, the key that would allow a new vampire master to emerge. So effective were the Harkers that now, over a hundred years later, vampires are so scarce that most people do not believe that they even exist. This is unfortunate news for the modern day Harker siblings because they still believe in vampires and that makes them the town embarrassment. But when two dead bodies turn up with strange animal attack marks, the Harkers convince the town that a vampire is on the loose and promise to kill it on stage at their family home. The only problem is, the actor they hired to play the vampire is killed and replaced by an actual vampire who the Harkers ... Written by Good Cops Entertainment, LLC

Runtime: 1 hour and 20 minutes




  • Mikayla Williams Young Paige
  • Dylan Fox Williams Quincy Harker
  • Cody Ward Internet Troll
  • Anita Vora Alice
  • Richard Thoman Young Walter
  • Joshua Stern Bart the Bartender
  • Alexandra Stafford Possesed Teen #2's Mother
  • Kelly Stadum Possessed Girl
  • Jayson Speters Chad Cheever
  • Allyson Sereboff Twirl Mother
  • Cade Sarganis Possessed Teen #1
  • Matthew Reedy Twirl Bully #2
  • Cezil Reed Denny
  • Nic Polcaro Underaged Bar Patron
  • Jahdai Pickett Kip
  • Laura Owen Possessed Girl's Mother
  • Caitlin O'Connor Cindy Lou
  • Phil Nohe Otisburg, Johnny
  • Howell Loobine Romanian Gangster Boss
  • Sherry Larson Possessed Woman
  • K. Spencer Jones Kevin
  • Joshua James Twirl Bully #1
  • Augie Isaac Teen Charlie
  • Jamie Houk Bonnie
  • Mary Haugen Mavis
  • Dominic Haugen Vacuumed Necro
  • Jamie Givens Young Mavis
  • Ewan Givens Young Gerry
  • Keely Gelineau Trixie
  • Jon Enge Hairy Vampire
  • Lori Cypher Extra
  • Allen Cragin Peter
  • Michelle Cogswell Possessed Teen #1's Mother
  • Imogen Cogswell Young Paige
  • Heather Cogswell Possessed Woman's Daughter
  • Clayton Cogswell Boris the Baggage Handler
  • Gale Caswell Susan
  • Owen Carroll Young Charlie
  • Jaidyn Carroll Possessed Girl
  • Clarence Campbell Dr. Gilbert
  • Bentley Brehm Sparky the Biker
  • Damian Beurer Tanner Scott
  • Morris Ruskin Clive Harker
  • Milena Ferreira Consuela McDonald (News Reporter)
  • Nate Lane The Vampire
  • Peter Story Nix County Necro
  • Megan O'Neil Belinda
  • Talya Carroll Stacey Mendler
  • Nathan Lorch Sheriff Wayne
  • Arlan Godthaab Walter
  • Whitney Moore Paige
  • Noel Carroll Charlie
  • Jacob Givens Gerry
  • Derek Haugen Ned


  • Noel Carroll
  • Clayton Cogswell
  • Jacob Givens
  • Derek Haugen


  • Bill Carroll
  • Julie Carroll
  • Noel Carroll
  • Allen Cragin
  • Tennessee Edwards
  • Milena Ferreira
  • Marshall Haugen
  • Mary Haugen
  • Adam Lee
  • Nathan Lorch
  • Morris Ruskin