Into the Wild 2007

Sean Penn

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life.

Runtime: 2 hours and 28 minutes




  • Edward Tubbs Brown Bronco Driver (uncredited)
  • Haley Sweet Bank Teller (uncredited)
  • Susan Spencer Parent (uncredited)
  • J. Nathan Simmons Tourist (uncredited)
  • Rocky Self Punk Rocker (uncredited)
  • Parris Mosteller Young Boy (voice) (uncredited)
  • Mad Martian Guy At Bar (uncredited)
  • Timothy Levine Atlanta Braves fan (uncredited)
  • Aaron Wayne Hill Big Wheel Boy (uncredited)
  • Paul Haasch Trail Guide (uncredited)
  • Geri Gilmore Old Lady Tourist (uncredited)
  • Caroline Gelabert Graduating Billie McCandless (uncredited)
  • Alvin Ellie Homeless Patron (uncredited)
  • Golbon Eghtedari Graduate (uncredited)
  • Joe Dustin The Beast (uncredited)
  • Dan Burch Passerby (uncredited)
  • Carine McCandless Additional Narrator (voice)
  • Sharon Olds Additional Narrator (voice)
  • Bart the Bear Bear
  • Denise Sitton Book Shopper #2
  • Matt Contreras Book Shopper #1
  • Leonard Knight Himself
  • John Jabaley Announcer
  • Everett 'Insane Wayne' Smith Insane Cain
  • Merritt Wever Lori
  • Haley Ramm Carine McCandless - age 11
  • R.D. Call Bull
  • Cheryl Francis Harrington Social Worker
  • Jim Davis Immigration Officer
  • Bryce Walters Chris McCandless - age 4
  • Emile Hirsch Chris McCandless
  • Marcia Gay Harden Billie McCandless
  • William Hurt Walt McCandless
  • Jena Malone Carine McCandless / Additional Narrator
  • Brian H. Dierker Rainey (as Brian Dierker)
  • Catherine Keener Jan Burres
  • Vince Vaughn Wayne Westerberg
  • Kristen Stewart Tracy Tatro
  • Hal Holbrook Ron Franz
  • Jim Gallien Himself
  • James O'Neill Graduation Reader (as James J. O'Neill)
  • Malinda McCollum Waitress
  • Paul Knauls Building Manager
  • Zach Galifianakis Kevin
  • Craig Mutsch Wayne's Crew #1
  • Jim Beidler Wayne's Crew #2
  • John Decker Hutterite #1
  • John Hofer Hutterite #2
  • Jerry Hofer Hutterite #3
  • Terry Waldner Hutterite #4
  • Robin Mathews Gail Borah
  • Candice Campos Bar Girl
  • Steven Wiig Lee's Ferry Ranger
  • Thure Lindhardt Mads
  • Signe Egholm Olsen Sonja
  • Floyd Wall Man in Phone Booth


  • Jon Krakauer
  • Sean Penn


  • Bill Pohlad
  • Sean Penn
  • Art Linson
  • John J. Kelly
  • Frank Hildebrand
  • David Blocker