Pulp 1972

Mike Hodges

Michael King is a seedy writer of sleazy pulp genre novels under a half dozen sensational pseudonyms whose ambition is to dictate 10,000 words per minute to stenographers a la Earle Stanley Gardner. He's recruited by the agent of Preston Gilbert, a quirky ex-Hollywood star currently living reclusively in exile in Malta, to help him write his biography. Despite being pursued by an enigmatic hit man, Gilbert has a large entourage of eccentrics and remains an inveterate practical joker. After Gilbert is eventually murdered by an apparent priest, King tries to stay alive himself while interacting with a variety of idiosyncratic characters including an ersatz princess, a henpecked clairvoyant, and a cross-dressing hit man. Written by G. Taverney (duke1029@aol.com)

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Kate Sullivan Joan Crawford
  • Roy Marmara Mario
  • Giuseppe Mallia Cripple Outside Bar
  • Jeanne Lass Marlene Dietrich
  • Jennifer Gauci Shirley Temple
  • Cyrus Elias Guide
  • Anna Pace Donnella Jean Harlow
  • Mary Caruana Mae West
  • Louis Caruana Toni
  • Tondi Barr Gloria Swanson
  • Anna Smith Old Woman in Bar
  • Cettina Borg Olivier Gilbert's Mother
  • Victor Mercieca Prince Cippola
  • Louise Lambert Tourist in Restaurant
  • Werner Hasselmann Tourist in Restaurant
  • Ermelinda De Felice Woman in Barber Shop
  • Ave Ninchi Fat Chambermaid
  • Elaine Olcott Coach Tourist
  • Iver Gilborn Coach Tourist
  • Irene Sophie Opperman Coach Hostess
  • Janet Agren Publisher's Receptionist
  • Cristina Gaioni 2nd Typist
  • Liu Bosisio 1st Typist
  • Maria Cumani Quasimodo Office Manageress
  • Luciano Pigozzi Clairvoyant
  • Joe Zammit Cordina The Beautiful Thing
  • Giulio Donnini Typing Pool Manager
  • Robert Sacchi The Bogeyman
  • Amerigo Tot Partisan
  • Leopoldo Trieste Marcovic
  • Al Lettieri Miller
  • Dennis Price The Englishman
  • Nadia Cassini Liz
  • Lizabeth Scott Betty Cippola
  • Lionel Stander Ben Dinuccio
  • Mickey Rooney Preston Gilbert
  • Michael Caine Mickey King


  • Mike Hodges


  • Michael Klinger
  • Michael Caine