Satan's Blade 1984

L. Scott Castillo Jr.

Guests at a mountain ski resort are terrorized by a local possessed by the vengeful spirit of an ancient Native mountain man.

Runtime: 1 hour and 22 minutes




  • Martin Jaquish Bank Manager
  • Nathalia Quirk Bank Teller #1
  • L. Scott Castillo Jr. Fisherman at film's end
  • Ricky Harding Mountainman's hand in lake
  • Paul Batson Old Fisherman
  • Carrol Cotion Lodge Keeper's Mother
  • Richard Taecker Lodge Keeper Duncan Mackler
  • Mary Seamen Trish
  • Meg Greene Ruth
  • Fred Armond Ben - Sheriff
  • Ski Mark Ford Ski
  • Susan Bennett Mary
  • Marti Neal Marlene
  • Diane Taylor Rita
  • Ramona Andrada Sue
  • Janeen Lowe Lil
  • Elisa R. Malinovitz Lisa
  • Thomas Cue Al
  • Stephanie Leigh Steel Stephanie
  • Tom Bongiorno Tony


  • L. Scott Castillo Jr.
  • Thomas Cue


  • L. Scott Castillo Jr.