Seven 1979

Andy Sidaris

In sun-drenched Hawaii, a dynamic criminal organisation run by seven ruthless professional kingpins intends to liquidate its political leaders, and when they fulfil their plans, take over the 50th State and pillage the land. Although this may be true, the government will soon retaliate by summoning the unconventional special agent Drew Sevano, who, in turn, assembles an invincible and well-equipped army of six other deadly agents; all assigned will their target of choice. But things are looking bleak and the mandatory half-hour time frame for the completion of the operation is already tight. Will Sevano's Seven succeed? Written by Nick Riganas

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Andy Sidaris Man Wearing White Hat Sitting on Sidewalk
  • Carol Needham Sybill - Woman in Sauna
  • John Ladalski Carl
  • Russell Howell Skater
  • Yukon King Fat cat at aquarium
  • Jay E. Hill Rotung man at counter
  • Bertha Smilow Plump lady at race car
  • Jeff Suarez Second Agent
  • John Allen Man with yellow lei
  • Les Marshall Agent at tunnel
  • Titus Napoleon Tommy
  • Lionel Tarape Keoki's Bodyguard
  • Terry Jastrow Agent
  • Tadashi Yamashita Swordsman
  • Charlie Picerni Kahuna's Driver
  • Sandra Bernadou Rhonda
  • Little Egypt Maile
  • Nicholas Georgiade Niko
  • John Alderman Paul
  • Terry Kiser Senator
  • Robert E. Relyea Harris
  • Susan Kiger Jennie
  • Martin Kove Skip
  • Lenny Montana The Kahuna
  • Peter Knecht Kimo Maderos
  • Henry Ayau Butterfly
  • Tino Tuiolosega Mr. Lee
  • Kwan Hi Lim Mr. Chen
  • Seth Sakai Keoki McDowell
  • Reggie Nalder Ronald Kahala 'The Hermit'
  • Richard LePore Professor
  • Ed Parker Ed Parker
  • Art Metrano Kincella
  • Christopher Joy T.K.
  • Guich Koock Cowboy
  • Barbara Leigh Alexa
  • William Smith Drew Savano


  • Robert Baird
  • William Driskill
  • Andy Sidaris


  • Andy Sidaris
  • Melvin Simon