Sleeping with Strangers 1994

William T. Bolson

Daniel is in danger of losing his inn after another more modern establishment opens next door and steals his guests. He goes to the bank for a loan, but they tell him to hope for a miracle....




  • Karel Roessingh The Hotheads
  • Gary Thompson The Hotheads
  • Bob Miron The Hotheads
  • Newman Corey The Hotheads
  • Harris Gilmore Band Leader
  • Tracy Hansen Woman in Audience
  • Nicole Nattrass Hotel Guest
  • Barry Donlevy Man Selling Boxer Shorts
  • Donnar Mackenzie Man Selling Shirt
  • Adrienne Shelly Jenny
  • Kim Huffman Teri
  • Alastair Duncan Daniel (as Neil Duncan)
  • Shawn Thompson Mark
  • Scott McNeil Todd Warren
  • Gary Jones Loan Officer
  • Anthony Ulc Sam
  • Claire Caplan Elsie
  • Betty Linde Margaret
  • Jeffrey Cohen Artie
  • Gabrielle Rose Claire
  • Susan Wilkey Loan Officer's Wife
  • Tamsin Jones Loan Officer's Daughter
  • Sarah Deakins Bank Teller
  • Tim Battle Security Guard
  • Tom Heaton Old Gardener
  • Jed Rees Young Gardener
  • Peter Kelamis Photographer
  • Marc Baur Reporter One (as Marc Bauer)
  • Claudia Ferri Reporter Two
  • Dwight McFee Reporter Three
  • Greg Neumeyer Reporter Four
  • Sean Pritchard Reporter Five


  • Joan Carr-Wiggin


  • David Gordian
  • Joan Carr-Wiggin