Zombi 3 1988

Claudio Fragasso, Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei

When a terrorist's body, infected with a stolen chemical, is recovered by the US military, the corpse is cremated, unintentionally releasing the virus/bacteria into the atmosphere over a ...

Runtime: 2 hours




  • Bruno Mattei Soldier at creamatorum (uncredited)
  • Robert Marius Doctor Holder (uncredited)
  • Claudio Fragasso Soldier at creamatorum (uncredited)
  • Roberto Dell'Acqua Zombie on Footbridge (uncredited)
  • Deran Sarafian Ken
  • Beatrice Ring Patricia
  • Ottaviano Dell'Acqua Roger (as Richard Raymond)
  • Massimo Vanni Bo (as Alex McBride)
  • Ulli Reinthaler Nancy
  • Marina Loi Carole
  • Deborah Bergamini Lia
  • Luciano Pigozzi Plant Director (scenes deleted) (as Alan Collins)
  • Mike Monty General Morton
  • Rene Abadeza Zombie (uncredited)
  • Mari Catotiengo Suzanna (uncredited)


  • Claudio Fragasso
  • Claudio Fragasso
  • Rossella Drudi
  • Rossella Drudi


  • Franco Gaudenzi